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Fotograaf Julia Egger, zelfportret met camera voor een roze achtergrond

Julia Egger is a dedicated professional photographer driven by a profound passion for visual artistry.

Born in '94 the quaint town of Kapsweyer, Germany, Julia now thrives in the creative ambiance of Ghent, Belgium. In 2016, she successfully completed a portrait photography diploma from the Technical Professional School in Ludwigshafen.

Julia finds delight in the unconventional, embracing the peculiar and challenging the viewer to contemplate the subtleties in her work. Whether through captivating portraits or intriguing scenes, she invites people to question not only what they're seeing but also the thought process behind each image.

Inspired by life's quirks, Julia's distinctive style is a fusion of weirdness, nonconformance, and the sincere exploration of ideas. Her artistic expression comes alive through playful experiments with colors, objects, and lighting, consistently pushing the boundaries of traditional photography, both technically and conceptually.

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